What Is the Deal with Trichotillomania?

Have you heard about trichotillomania before? Or maybe pull hair disorder? Well, if you have not, you may want to stop a little time at this article to briefly understand about this behavioural disorder. Trichotillomania is a behavioural disorder that lets people to feel the urge of pulling their hair out whenever they experience distressful situation. It may sound terrifying as well that 1 or 2 people among 50 people in the world can experience trichotillomania throughout their lifetime.

According to a study, 80 to 90 percent of adults who suffer from trichotillomania are women. The prevalence of trichotillomania is higher in children, teenagers, and young adult. Therefore, if you have relatives within those age range or you are the one who are in the range, you may want to watch closely to both of your relative habit and your habit.

The reason why people do pull hair habit is actually because pulling hair is like the pain relieve pill to their stress defence. They will gain relief feeling through pulling their hair out of their scalp. They can also taking their hair down from their hair in genital area, moustache, beard, eyebrows, and even eyelashes. Other than mental negative condition such as stress and anxiety, trichotillomania can also occurred due to imbalanced chemical substances in the brain and change in body hormone levels.

Trichotillomania can cause bald patches in the head. These patches then can lead to further mental discomfort. The imperfections due to bald patches can make people that play feel ashamed and can lower their self-esteem. Not to mention the physical medical condition if they eat their hair too or showing psychosomatic from mental disorder. Cognitive behavioural therapy is used to overcome trichotillomania. Habit reversal training will help people to understand more about the uncommon behaviour. They will know about the trigger and finally can make avoiding move towards it.

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