Trichotillomania Needs Comprehensive Procedure

Mental disorder is as important as physical disorder. Not to mention that mental disorder can lead to physical disorder as well. Trichotillomania is one of mental disorders which give the people who are suffered from it the urge to pull their hair when the meet the trigger. Pulling hair out is a pain reliever according people with trichotillomania. The trigger can be form as anxiety, stress, imbalanced hormonal conditions, or anomaly brain chemical. If people who are living with trichotillomania by chance come across the trigger, they will start to pull their hair out in order to comfort them.

If we are talking about the occurrence of trichotillomania, women are more likely to suffer from trichotillomania according to a research. Childhood, adolescence, and adulthood are apparently the group of age which have high prevalence in trichotillomania. Study also shows data that 1 or 2 people within 50 people in this world are high risk to get occurrence in their life.

Trichotillomania can grow into high level of medical condition seriousness. People who own trichotillomania can eat their hair as well. This situation will lead to hairballs form in their stomach and certainly it can cause much serious damage to the body. Treating trichotillomania needs comprehensive procedure. Since this comes from mental disorder, the treatment should be involving all the aspects of health.

The symptoms actually easy to notice so if there is someone who shows those symptoms, you should immediately take them to a doctor. First of all, trichotillomania should be cured starts from the source. Cognitive behavioural therapy is used to reduce the symptoms. Habit reversal training will consisted of take a record on how often the pull hair behaviour occur, the trigger of behavioural disorder, the way to avoid the trigger, and swap pull hair behaviour with something else like squeezing stress ball. The family and friends also play role here through their mental support and encouragement.

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