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Resources: Books, Apps & Other Services

Note: by including information about resources we are not endorsing or recommending a particular treatment provider, self-help contact or resource.Appropriate treatment and advice should always be obtained directly from a qualified and experienced doctor and/or mental health professional. In addition, TLC does not endorse any external sites on the links page or monitor or approve content on these sites. When considering a treatment you should consult your doctor to determine what is safe for you. Want to see your business listed here? Join TLC as a Service Provider Member today!

Apps, Online Programs & Other Services | Books and Products


Smartphone Apps, Online Programs & Other Services

1st App for Pulling and Picking: The Secrets of Pulling & Picking®

As a former puller, Joan teaches 3 secrets of hair pulling and skin picking and all body focused behaviors for adults and young people who are struggling. Joan includes a special breathing video that is available anytime you have an urge to pick or pull. "Just tap my App".  As a therapist,  Joan creates a treatment plan specific to each person's needs. Joan is also available for consultation via Skype.  Visit Joan's web site at www.JoanKaylor.com.

"I've learned that Trich and Skin Picking does not define who you are"
Step out of shame, Celebrate you!
Chaille DeFaria, CPCC, Certified Coach

As a hair puller since the age of 15 and now in remission, Chaille knows the shame and suffering often attached to this disorder.  She knows how creative you are, because as pullers and pickers we fall deep into imagination, disassociating from our anxiety, slipping into a self-soothing state.  Chaille coaches from the perspective that we are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole, allowing you to explore and experience the values and the strengths that are uniquely yours, so you can step away from shame and move towards your essence.  Her connection and presence in coaching enables you to see all that is right about you, empowering what you already know.  Chaille believes that when we feel safe within ourselves, we are able to turn up the volume on what it is we want to change.

Chaille works with clients via phone or Skype. 
For rates and information, email chailledefaria@mac.com or call 310-702-9255.

Mindfulness-Based Impulse Reduction
(Living Skills for BFRB Management & Enhancing Life in General)
Online courses taught by Christina Pearson, TLC's Founder

Based on the scientifically researched and empirically validated Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8-week class template, these 10-week sessions have been carefully adapted from the classic MBSR format for those seeking not only a reduction in stress, but also in unwanted BFRB pulling and picking behaviors.

Christina provides a cohesive, adaptive, mindfulness based life-management approach capable of helping to reduce unwanted behaviors and improving quality of life.  Then it is up to you to practice it! Through these programs, she has created a heart-centered, experiential interpersonal network "in-the-world-you-live-in" for day-to-day support on  the road to recovery. Ms. Pearson is a graduate of the MBSR Teacher's Practicum developed and approved by the Center For Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts-Worcester. Consulting services also available.
For more information, contact Christina at 831-334-3357 or www.christinapearson.com

Free One-on-One Salon Teacher

Charlene Blacer offers free, one-on-one online support services for hair and hair regrowth: how to cut your hair, how to install your hair piece and/or extensions, how to style hair to cover bald spots, how to color hair.  All you need is a web cam.

website: CharleneBlacer.com/TLC (please register to view)
email: charleneblacer@gmail.com

PullFree: A Strategy-Based App for Trichotillomania

Pullfree is an iphone app that learns about you and your behavior. Hair pulling is a complicatred behavior and intervention must be specifically tailored to you. Based on yoru unique pulling style, pullfree offers effective strategies to help you change your behavior.


StopPicking.com is an on-line behavioral program designed to help individuals reduce or stop picking at their skin. The only interactive program for Skin Picking Disorder, StopPicking.com is easy to use, affordable, and is worked in the privacy of your own home.  Stoppicking.com guides you through a behavioral program designed to help you reduce your skin picking, matching strategies to meet your individual needs. Created by Drs. Mouton-Odum, Stanley, and Keuthen.


StopPulling.com is an on-line behavioral program designed to help individuals reduce or stop pulling their hair. Stoppulling.com is easy to use, affordable, and is worked in the privacy of your own home.  The interface guides you through a behavioral program designed to help you reduce your skin picking, matching strategies to meet your individual needs. Created by Drs. Mouton-Odum, Stanley, and Keuthen.


Wig Studio1.com is an online store offering wigs, hair extensions, hair pieces and head wear to those suffering from temporary or permanent hair loss.  Offers solutions for all ages.  Phone appointments available.

Andrea Carlson
email: andrea@wigstudio1.com
website: www.WigStudio1.com

Books and Products

skin picking: freedom to finally stopSkin Picking: The Freedom to Finally Stop

Everything you need to know about why you pick your skin and how to break free of the behavior.  "Skin Picking: The Freedom to Finally Stop" is a self-help book that can be used alone or as a companion to therapy. Written by Annette Pasternak, Ph.D., who also offers BFRB coaching for adults.

Order a paperback edition or download to Kindle >>
website: www.StopSkinPickingCoach.com
email: support@stopskinpickingcoach.com


dragon scalesThe Dragon Who Pulled Her Scales

Children's book written by the father of a hairpuller.
Long ago, in a world where dragons were the world's protectors, a beautiful dragon named Ellam lived in a cool, misty cave. Although Ellam liked to have fun with her friends, she had a secret.  She liked to pull out her scales.  Ellam was always careful to cover her body--she didn't want anyone to see that she was missing her scales.  That is, until one day when Everwynn, the great king of dragons, needed someone for a special mission.  Someone without scales.

Join Ellam on her exciting journey as she discovers that everyone's wounds have purpose, and the storms we travel through are part of a greater plan.  Although this book is intended for children struggling with the effects of trichotillomania or skin picking, it is ideal for any child (or adult) who needs to be reminded that our differences do not decrease our value.
Amazon page: http://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Who-Pulled-Her-Scales
Website: www.facebook.com/thedragonwhopulledherscales

Kiran's Little Shop of Smiles

Designed by an 11 yr. old with trichotillomania, these products will make you smile and show the world that you are more than your hair. T-shirts for boys, girls, teenagers, men, women, moms, and dads. There's even a teddy bear for those bad days when you need a hug.

The Perfect Pull

This is the first novel about a main character who has trichotillomania. Alyssa Simone is a 15-year-old high school sophomore who does everything she can to appear normal. Yet, she has been pulling out her hair since the fourth grade and isn’t sure how much longer she can keep it a secret from her friends and family. 

perfect pullWhen Alyssa moves and starts a new high school, she vows to get better this year. The only problem is her life is major stressful and Alyssa’s mom is constantly pressuring her into new challenges, which include starring in a reality TV show. Now Alyssa has to hide her missing hair from new classmates, her mother, and the cameras.... Not to mention, a guy at her school likes her and she is falling for him too. All she has to do is get to know him and hide her problem, but it’s hard, especially when he reaches out to give Alyssa her first kiss...

The Perfect Pull won first place at a Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators event. Written as a young adult novel, but accessible for ages 11 and up, including adults. The author is an adult puller who has overcome the disorder and loves to write.
Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theperfectpull

Buy it now from TLC!

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