Simple Tips in Doing Home Medication for Trichotillomania

If you are pulling your hair when you are anxious most of the time, then that is one clear sign of trichotillomania. To make it simple, trichotillomania is one of those disorder where you are pulling your hair when you are anxious or stressed. Since trichotillomania is considered as one part of personal disorder, it is not a good thing for you going to the clinic or hospital because you will not get any special kind of treatment, medication or even drugs. That is because the main cure for the trichotillomania comes from yourself. That is why you might want to simply try some of these tips and doing the home medication for the trichotillomania problem that you are dealing with. Here are some of those tips.

The first one is learning about the things that might trigger this action in yourself. Even though many people are experiencing the similar triggers, you need to be more specific and learn the main thing that can simply trigger your action. That is because if you have learnt all of those triggers, you can easily try to stop your trichotillomania by minimizing all of the triggers. This is a good thing to do actually. The second tip is finding out the best strategies to stop what you are doing. This one can be simply done based on the triggers that you have known. That is because once you have known all of those triggers, you will be able to find the best strategies to deal with all of those triggers properly.

The third tip is increasing your personal or your own self-esteem. You need to know that there are quite a lot of players who are getting stressed and depressed because of the low self-esteem. As the result, if you have the trichotillomania, you will start pulling out your hair to get more comfortable. That is one wrong thing to do because your problem is related with your personality. That means if you can raise your personality or your self-esteem, you can also minimize the chance of trichotillomania. The last but not least, you need to start reducing your stress level. This one is actually something simple and easy, but unfortunately, there are a lot of people who think about it the hard way. You just need to think everything in a simple way so that you will not get stressed. That is the main key that you need to have to minimize your stress level.

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