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Trichotillomania Learning Center

Celebrating 20 years of service

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Raise Awareness of

Trichotillomania, Skin Picking & Related BFRBs

During National Awareness Week, Oct. 1-7, or any time of year!

Here at TLC, we envision a world where BFRBs (Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors, such as hair pulling and skin picking), are not a source of shame, and treatment that works is accessible to everyone.

You can help make our vision a reality. Join TLC Noisemakers from around the world who are working to raise awareness that these problems are prevalent, and effective treatments are available.

It's easy to spread the word! Here are a few things you can do:

Social Media Outreach

Community Outreach

Fundraise for the Cause


Social Media Outreach

Post this PSA made by Mrs. North Carolina 2013 to Facebook, Twitter, or on your website.
Email the link to family and friends.

Change your email signature and Facebook status
You can raise awareness to everyone who receives a message from you by including TLC's information in your email signature. Try this: Don't suffer alone: Find hope and healing for hair pulling and skin picking at


Community Outreach Efforts

BFRB Awareness CardsDownload these Awareness Cards created by TLC Ambassador, Christina Hammel (Jersey Christina).
Post them in random places, hand then out to everyone and anyone, leave some at the doctor's office or anywhere you can think of!

BFRB Awareness Cards (shown)

Trich Awareness Cards

Skin Picking Awareness Cards


Host a Community Event
Read our guide, "How to Host a Community Awareness Event" including talking points for schools or community presentations, and an informational powerpoint. Make it a fundraiser for TLC by requesting donations!


School Counselor/ Educator Outreach, or Clinician, Cosmetologist, Dermatologist Outreach
Order TLC Awareness Kits and mail or deliver them to  local schools and colleges. Or, if you prefer to do outreach to clinicians, dermatologists, or cosmetologists, order a TLC Awareness Kit for your intended audience, we have several to choose from!

Each kit contains ten each of:
• Educator Information Brochure with a fold-out poster (or other literature based on which kit you order)
• Cover Letter
• Envelope for mailing

Project costs: $10/per kit plus your own stamps to mail the letters
Time required: About one hour per kit (for researching addresses and addressing envelopes)
Privacy: Send the brochures anonymously – or sign your name to the cover letter – it is your choice!


Fundraise for the Cause

TLC is funded by your donations and membership support. Every donation helps us to make accurate information, support and treatment available to those in need. No one should have to suffer alone!

Running a marathon this fall? Make it a Trek for BFRBs.
Whether you walk, bike, run, hike or swim, the concept is the same: you commit to "trekking" a distance that works for you, and you ask your friends and family to sponsor your trek with a pledge to TLC! Jump to the end of this page to learn more.

Send a Friends and Family Letter
Invite your friends and family to support a cause you believe in! We've made it easy to reach out to your loved ones with information about TLC and our mission. Download a sample letter and donation form from the website to print and mail -- or email -- to your friends and family.

Hold a House Party or Potluck Picnic – these can be a great, simple way to make new connections with other pullers/pickers in your area, or to raise awareness of our cause with your friends and family. You can make this a TLC fundraiser by asking for donations.

Trek For Trich and Skin Picking

Whether you walk, bike, run, hike or swim, the concept is the same: you commit to "trekking" a distance that works for you, and you ask your friends and family to sponsor your trek with a pledge to TLC! You can also apply this to a personal recovery goal and make it a Hands-Down-a-Thon: commit to working on a behavioral goal, and invite your friends and family to sponsor your efforts!

It’s easy as 1-2-3!
1. Create a personal fundraising page at TLC’s homepage:
You can create your own fundraising page in just 10 minutes.
(It really is easy and quick to do!) Just go to:
Click the “Get Started” button.

Once your fundraising page is created, you then email a note to friends and family that links to your page where they can make a donation to TLC in support of your activity. Your sponsors will receive a receipt for their donation, and TLC will receive the funds directly from

2. Set your goal.
You may decide to walk for 2 or 20 miles, swim across a body of water, or hike from Maine to New York. You may decide to tell 5 people about BFRBs, try not to pick or pull for 30 days, or commit to daily meditation practice.

Whatever goal you set, it should be something that will be challenging, but also something you think you can achieve so that you will stay motivated and positive. It’d be great if your trek took place during BFRB Awareness Week, Oct. 1-7.

3. Spread the word and update your sponsors on your progress!
Through the FirstGiving site, you will email a note to friends and family that links to your fundraising page (be sure to include TLC in your updates!). You can personalize your page with your story, photos, or a fundraising goal. You can also link your page to your Facebook Account, YouTube Videos, or other websites. TLC’s page will track the most successful individual and team fundraising efforts.

There are more fundraising tips at

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