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2012 Hands-Down-a-Thon

& Trek for Trich and Skin Picking

Motivation for Recovery: Support the Search for a Cure 

The 2012 Hands-Down-a-Thon or and Trek For Trich and Picking

Life is better when we have the support of our friends and family. This fall, TLC offers two great ways to re-ignite your motivation for recovery, increase your support network and support TLC's search for a cure: all key factors to maintaining a pull and pick-free future!

"By sharing my story, I no longer feel the need to be shameful and guilty about my trich all the time....I now realize that I have an entire network of friends and family that don't judge me for my trich, and I have fewer problems worrying about those who do judge me."  

                                   - 2011 Hands-Down-a-Thon Fundraiser


Like a jog-a-thon or read-a-thon, the Hands-Down-a-Thon is a sponsorship event designed especially for people with trich or skin picking. You commit to making positive behavioral changes for two months, and you ask your friends and family to sponsor you with a pledge to TLC. The Hands-Down-a-Thon takes place September 1 - October 31, 2012. Participants should sign up by September 1. Last year, the Hands-Down-a-Thon raised $5900 for TLC!

Trekking for Trichsters and Picksters

For those of you who have a loved one affected by these disorders, or who do not wish to participate in the Hands-Down-a-Thon, TLC founder Christina Pearson urges you to join her own Trekking with your very own personal Trek in your community, (with her help & support) to be done simultaneously with others all around the country! Whether you walk, bike, run, hike or swim, the concept is the same: you commit to "trekking" a distance that works for you, and you ask your friends and family to sponsor your Trek with a pledge to TLC!

Both are as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Create a personal fundraising page at TLC’s homepage:
You can create your own fundraising page in just 10 minutes. (It really is easy and quick to do!) Just go to and click the “Start Fundraising” button. Under events, select “Hands-Down-A-Thon" OR "Trekking for Trichotillomania & Skin Picking."

Once your fundraising page is created, you then email a note to friends and family that links to your page, where they can make a donation to TLC in support of your activity. Your sponsors will receive a receipt for their donation, and TLC will receive the funds directly from

2. Set your goal.
For HDAT-ers, set yourself a personal trich or skin picking management goal for the two months of the Hands-Down-A-Thon and monitor your progress. Your goal might be to have a “pull/pick-free day” or to limit your pulling or picking in certain ways (duration, location, etc.). We particularly like goals that involve “using your tools”: it might be to use the self-help sites or, or to meditate every morning and keep a daily journal as part of building your self-awareness.

At you can download self-monitoring forms to help you track your progress over the two months of the Hands-Down-A-Thon.

For Trekkers, you set your goals: you may decide to walk for 2 or 20 miles, swim across a body of water,  or hike from Maine to New York! Learn more at    

Whatever goal you set, it should be something that will be challenging, but also something you think you can achieve, so that you will stay motivated and positive.

3. Spread the word and update your sponsors on your progress!
Through the FirstGiving site, you will email a note to friends and family that links to your fundraising page. You can personalize your page with your story, photos, or a fundraising goal. You can also link your page to your Facebook Account, YouTube Videos, or other websites. TLC’s page will track the most successful individual and team fundraising efforts.

There are more fundraising tips at

There's Help Along the Way

For Hands-Down-A-Thon-ers

E-Mail Group
When you sign up for this event you will be joined to a TLC-moderated email group, so we can all cheer each other along and share goals, strategies, successes and challenges.

A Free Month at or
TLC has partnered with the online behavior management websites and Hands-Down-A-Thon-ers who use one of these sites for a month will get the second month free. After the second month, your credit card will be billed $29.95 per month until you discontinue the program. (A promotional code will be emailed to all page owners.) and are websites designed by a member of TLC’s Scientific Advisory Board, Suzanne Mouton-Odum, in collaboration with several colleagues. These sites ask you to track your daily pulling and picking behaviors – where they happen, what you are feeling when they happen, and how severe they are – in order to help you attain greater awareness of your patterns. The sites then suggest behavior management strategies that are customized to help you to gain greater understanding and control of your triggers and responses.

Mid-Point Conference Call with Christina Pearson
Halfway through the Hands-Down-A-Thon, on September 27 at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern, Christina Pearson will lead a group telephone conversation for Hands-Down-A-Thon-ers to help keep up motivation, discuss difficulties and brainstorm ways to meet your goals.

For Trekkers

E-Mail Group
When you sign up for a Trek, you will be joined to an event-specific TLC-moderated email group, so we can all cheer each other along and share goals, strategies, successes and challenges.

Two Motivational Conference Calls with Christina
Christina will host two conference calls and a special webinar to help all Trekkers prepare for their event. The conference calls will take place during the "getting in shape" period and focus on training, talking about these disorders with friends and family, and other group-specific topics. The webinar will teach various “meditation in movement” techniques for enhancing engagement during the trek! Calls and webinars will be scheduled after August 15: be sure to join before then!

Prizes for Most Sponsorships Raised

As an added incentive, the individuals who raise the most Hands-Down-A-Thon and Trek sponsorship donations for TLC will each receive one free admittance to TLC’s 2013 Conference in New Jersey. (Sponsorship donations must be made on your First Giving web page by October 31, 2012 – the winner will be announced in November.)

Through the First Giving website, participants in either activity can also join together into Teams for further support and motivation. Each member of the team that raises the most in sponsorship donations will get a certificate of appreciation and bragging rights for one year! (Create a team with your friends & family, fellow support group members, people from your city or state, or online friends.)

Good Luck!

Please note: The Hands-Down-A-Thon is intended for adult participants. If children or teens want to participate, this should be done with thoughtful consideration and parental involvement.

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