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Trichotillomania Learning Center

Celebrating 20 years of service

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2016 Annual Conference -
April 15-17 in Dallas, TX

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Registration will open in October 2015.

Volunteer applications will open in October 2015 (must be a prior attendee).

#BFRBcon 2015 was fantastic - Thank you for an incredible conference!

The TLC Conference offers patients of all ages, their families, and clinicians a powerful weekend of healing, community, and inspiration.

Here's a quick recap video of the 2015 Conference:

Who should attend the TLC Conference?

conference on hair pulling and skin picking disordersPeople of all ages who live with pulling, picking and related behaviors, their families and loved ones, clinicians looking to improve their strategies for treating these disorders and  interested researchers.

Special programs are offered for younger children, teens, parents and adults with hair pulling disorder or skin picking disorder.



mansueto, penzel, treatment for hair pulling and skin picking disorders

Why should you attend?

  • Over 60 workshops, symposiums and presentations facilitated by leading clinicians, researchers and facilitators.
  • Networking opportunities with others who suffer from these disorders.
  • Accessibility to expert clinicians and researchers who understand and care.
  • Inspiration from stories of triumph and recovery and the knowledge that you are not alone!
  • Education on the latest treatment approaches, for self-help or use in your professional practice.

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"I think the biggest part of the TLC Conference is that you realize you are not alone. You get to hear people's stories and think, "Wow, that's exactly me'." 

"The TLC Annual Conference literally saved my life...I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a second chance at having a normal life."

“What a comfort this has been--for my son, who got to see other kids who know what it’s like to have trich, and for me, as a parent, to talk to others who are experiencing the same guilt and frustrations I’ve had.”
“It was the best feeling to be in a room with over 400 people who could completely understand each other, and no one had to hide anything from anyone. Amazing!” -RR

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